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My name is Olimpia Kłosińska-Spyrka, I am a behaviourist and dog trainer with 20 years of experience. For 4 years, together with my husband, I have been running a small family hotel for miniature and medium-sized dogs. I invite you to my joyful, safe space where I will take care of your dog with the greatest attention and care.

What does dog care involve?

I will take your dog out to the garden at least 5 times a day, where s/he can play safely with other dogs if s/he wants. If you agree, I will go for a walk with him/her in the forest every few days. I feed the dog according to your recommendations with the food provided by you, and if necessary, I administer medications and dietary supplements, and perform basic care treatments (combing, washing eyes, etc.). However, what our guests appreciate most is the fact that I send information about your dog's mood and comfort every day, and every 3 days I attach photos or a video. Dog transport in specially designed vehicle available upon request.


Dog rooms and price list

There are only 9 dog rooms in the hotel, and each of them is used for a single dog or sibling dogs per stay. Each room is monitored, and the hotel is heated and air-conditioned. The room price is for 1 day, and a day is 24 hours from check-in, then the next day is charged. Here are our rooms with prices:

Standard room for one miniature or medium-size dog

Price: 110 PLN per day 

Larger room for two smaller dogs from the same house or one bigger dog

Price: 130 PLN per day for one dog or 200 PLN per day for two dogs living together on daily basis

Special, separate room for sensitive dogs (e.g. fearful, stressed by the other dogs) where the dog doesn't feel/hear/see other hotel guests

Price: 160 PLN per day for one dog or 250 PLN per day for two dogs living together on daily basis

The dog playroom for cold or rainy days is free of charge - for free